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Serving Wisconsin and N. Illinois including Appleton, Fond du Lac, Green Bay, Janesville, Madison, Milwaukee, Oshkosh, Rockford, Waupaca, Woodstock, and all surrounding communities.

Pond management is a broad term that has many different facets that work in tandem to achieve common goals. There are many different types of ponds including private, stormwater, commercial, golf course, spring-fed, wildlife, recreational, and more. They all have different functions, designs, and owners with their own specific expectations and budgets. But with the multitude of techniques to manage a pond, how do you decide? That’s where a professional management company comes in!

Where Do I Start With Pond Management?

It all starts with an on-site pond consultation.  Lake and Pond Solutions, LLC is a full service lake and pond management company helping pond owners in Wisconsin and N. Illinois. Our Pond Consultationresident biologists are degreed, licensed, certified, and fully insured with over 70 years of combined management experience. We pride ourselves on customer service and realize the unique nature of your waterbody when developing and executing a plan. Unlike many companies in this industry who send out unexperienced and/or unqualified individuals, each visit to your property is performed by a full-time degreed biologist. You can be sure you’re receiving cutting-edge management solutions since our biologists regularly attend industry specific conferences and workshops to stay in-tune with current management techniques and technologies.

Integrated Pond Management (IPM)

IPM typically stands for Integrated Pest Management, however, we like to use the term Integrated Pond Management. This means we utilize an approach that relies on a combination of pond management techniques to achieve your goals. IPM takes all appropriate options into consideration to manage the pond in a way that stays within budget while also focusing on long-term outcomes. Our biologists identify the issues, set action thresholds, provide control, and finally, focus on long-term sustainability and prevention.

IPM Tools

We are committed to continually learning the science behind healthy, balanced water bodies and pair traditional approaches with proven biologicals and newer cutting-edge technology. Lake and Pond Solutions, LLC is proudly NaturaLake Certified as well as SePro Stewards of Water PRO Certified. Accordingly, we utilize a wide array of solutions in our management toolbox including:

  1. On-Site Pond Consultation

    An on-site pond consultation provides the building blocks for a great pond management strategy.

  2. Pond Aeration

    Pond aeration is a key component to a healthy pond and can prevent stagnation, reduce muck, reduce algae, prevent winter fish kills, and improve the overall ecosystem.

  3. Pond Fountains

    Pond fountains are an extremely popular way to enhance aesthetics, circulation, and surface oxygenation.

  4. Algae and Weed Control

    Algae and weed control are one of the vital tools in management but proper product selection and concentrations will greatly influence success.

  5. Neptune Pond Dye

    Neptune Blue DyeThere are many different shades of pond dye, but blue and black are the most common. Not all dyes are created equal though! Our Neptune Pond Dye contains only blue pigment and limits sunlight penetration while also improving pond color. Neptune Deep Blue Pond Dye is a combination of blue and black, great for muddy ponds.

  6. Beneficial bacteria

    By using certain strains of bacteria, it is possible to lower available phosphorus and reduce organic material (muck). Our Triton series of bacteria features midwestern strains that Beneficial Bacteriacan accomplish a variety of goals.   Triton CW is a potent blend of cold-loving microorganisms and fast acting enzymes that excel at consuming phosphorus, reducing sludge (muck) and clarifying water at temperatures between 41F and 60F. Triton AP is an all-purpose bacterium made up of vitamins, bio-stimulants, and select bacterial strains custom blended for ponds. It is designed to help reduce nutrients and sludge in warmer water. Finally, Triton WC is a high performance liquid probiotic that clarifies water and temporarily binds phosphorus.

  7. Triton SRPx (Sludge Reduction Pellets)

    Triton SRPxTriton SRPx are slow-release pellets that sink to the pond bottom to speed up the breakdown of organic waste (muck). In other words, they can penetrate and degrade pond muck by delivering essential bio-stimulants and sludge-eating bacteria directly to where they are needed most. It works great for whole pond applications and spot treatments along channels and beaches. Triton SRPx is typically applied once per month throughout the season and we’ve seen reductions ranging from 5″ – 14″ per year!

  8. Nutrient Reduction

    PhoslockNutrient reduction is one of the more important aspects to pond management, especially for stormwater ponds.  Phoslock is a patented phosphorus locking product that forms a layer on the pond bottom that continues to bind phosphorus released from the sediment.  Eutrosorb F is a filter bag designed to intercept soluble reactive phosphorus from moving water, perfect for inflow points.  Eutrosorb  WC is a liquid product that strips existing phosphorus from the water column.  Finally, Pond logs are polymer bricks that are attached above diffuser plumes, under pond fountains, or below waterfalls and culverts to reduce phosphorus and suspended sediment.

No matter the type of pond management you are looking for, Lake and Pond Solutions LLC has you covered in Wisconsin and Illinois.

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