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Your full service lake & pond management company specializing in aeration, fountains, weed & algae control, and environmentally friendly products.

You’ll quickly find that we are not just applicators but true lake and pond managers offering a wide range of management techniques to customers throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, along with products and technical help around the country.

Over 100 years of combined management experience

Degrees in:
  • Biology
  • Fisheries
  • Watershed Management
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Water Resource Management
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Aquatic Sciences
Naturalake Certified
  • PRO certified ProcellaCOR specialists
  • Airmax • Aquamaster • Kasco Marine • Otterbine authorized service techs
  • Staff trained in aquatic plant identification and survey methods
PRO Certified Steward of Water

Aeration Equipment Installation & Maintenance

Services include an assessment of DO concentrations and determination of aeration needs.  Proper sizing and placement of these systems is required to prevent fish kills and nutrient re-suspension, promote healthy fish populations, and improve water quality.

Aeration Equipment

Environmental Studies

Services include examination of watershed areas for sources of erosion, nutrient loading or pollution and well monitoring (sampling/measurement).For stormwater ponds, we can design a soft sediment monitoring program to satisfy municipality requirements.

Enviro Studies

Fish Stocking & Management

Services may include fish stocking, creel surveys, habitat installation and rough fish eradication in Wisconsin and Illinois. Fish toxicants may be prescribed to ensure a proper, balanced population from the start. This can be followed up with a stocking program to improve fishing. We strive to provide fish stocking recommendations compatable with your specific pond.

Fish Stocking and Management


Fountains are an extremely popular way to provide immediate enhancement to any water feature. Their electric motor-driven process creates beautiful spray patterns while helping with surface aeration. There are many size, pattern, and lighting options now available to increase the aesthetic beauty of any lake or pond. Lake and Pond Solutions Co. offers many styles of fountains through our Airmax, Aquamaster, Kasco Marine and Otterbine distributorships including decorative, aerating, floating, and fixed based units. In addition to new sales, we also service, install, remove, clean and store most fountain brands.

3.5HP Aquamaster Fountain

Natural Pond Management

Natural or eco-friendly management are some of our more popular services. There are many products available which are broken down in the categories below:

  1. Pond Dye – food grade pond dye helps to limit sunlight penetration and improve pond color. There are many diffent shades of dye but blue and black are the most common. Not all dyes are created equal though! Some dyes contain blue and yellow which results in a turquoise color while others contain only blue resulting in a darker blue color. Black dye is great for muddy ponds where blue dye would make it look like a “tidy bowl”. There are even new shades of dye combining blue and black.
  2. Nutrient and Sediment Reduction – this is a very broad category that covers a number of products.
Natural Pond Mangement

On-Site Consultation

An on-site consultation provides us the most valuable information in determining an appropriate management strategy. Services include a thorough investigation of the water body including dissolved oxygen and temperature readings, plant/algae identification, acreage measurement (using air photos, GPS, and laser range finders), and depth profiles. Recommendations are given on site and a management plan and proposal are sent out within the week. Lake and Pond Solutions Co. staff will stay on site with the customer until all questions are answered! Please call or email your closest office for pricing and availability.

On-Site Consultation

Plant Surveys

Aquatic plant surveys are becoming an increasingly important tool to highlight changes in an aquatic plant community including exotic species introduction. They are usually required every five years for lakes with a management plan. Survey points are imported to portable GPS units to ensure the same points are sampled year after year. Sampling includes recording plant species present, densities, depth, and sediment type. Lake and Pond Solutions Co. has staff who are DNR trained in Aquatic Plant Identification and Survey Methods. We are also equipped to handle Aquatic Plant Management (APM) Plan updates for lake associations and districts.

Plant Survey

Pond Construction

We provide recommendations for new pond construction including design considerations, depth, slopes, water supply, beach area placement, fish, and overall management. We also are involved in providing pond liner options, recommending local excavators, and strive to work closely with all chosen contractors to make sure your pond becomes more than just a vision.

Pond Construction

Sonar Mapping

Sonar mapping provides real solutions for maintaining a comprehensive and historical look at your lake or pond. Raw sonar data is uploaded to specialized software to produce bathymetric and relative sediment hardness maps. Mapping the lake or pond over time can help determine areas of change, rates of sedimentation, monitor success of dredging projects, provide accurate volume calculations, and aid in management decision making. Additionally, our sonar units have side-scan technology that captures underwater pictures of your lake or pond bottom. This can be helpful in finding fish cribs, rock out-croppings, weed beds and more. It is recommended that ponds be mapped every few years to identify any areas of change. Lakes should be mapped every 5 years to coincide with Aquatic Plant Management (APM) Plan updates.

Pleasant Lake Iso Bathymetric Map 10-2-14

Water Quality Analysis

Water sampling and laboratory services are available to assess water quality in lakes and ponds. Identification of existing problems, finding their causes and recommending protection or rehabilitation techniques are the objectives. This can be a very crucial step in defining a direction or assessing the results of a management plan. Periodic monitoring may be necessary to determine whether water is safe for swimming (fecal coliform), susceptible to fish kills (dissolved oxygen), or receiving high levels of pollutants and nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus). Existing background water quality data must be compiled to determine whether conditions are improving or degrading in the future. Annual reports and assessments are also available. We send all of our samples to a state certificed lab and can sample a wide variety of parameters including pH, conductivity, alkalinity, total hardness, calcium hardness, dissolved phophorus, total phosphorus, ammonia, nitrite plus nitrate, total Kjeldahl nitrogen, chloride, sulfate, sodium, potassium, turbidity, color, chlorophyll a, e coli, metals and VOC’s.

Water Sampling

Weed & Algae Control

Herbicides and algaecides have their place in lake and pond management; however they need to be used responsibly. There are many species of plants and algae, each requiring specific products and concentrations for proper control. Services include a professional examination of the site by a degreed biologist to determine the type and extent of the problem vegetation. We work closely with government agency personnel and manufacturers to remain up-to-date on regulations and current technology. We obtain permits, apply the product, and provide follow-up visitations where necessary. Following each weed and/or algae treatment, customers will receive a treatment record highlighting products used, application rates, and use restrictions.

Weed & Algae Control

We pride ourselves in customer service

You’ll quickly find that we are not just applicators but true lake and pond managers offering a wide range of management techniques to customers throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, along with products and technical help around the country.


Offering a wide range of services using the latest products and techniques

Lake and Pond Solutions, LLC is a full service lake and pond management company specializing in aeration, fountains, weed and algae control, and environmentally friendly products (pond dye, beneficial bacteria, enzymes).

Our biologists regularly attend industry specific conferences and workshops to stay in-tune with current management technologies and techniques.

Aerated Pond
  • Aeration Equipment Installation & Maintenance
  • Environmental Studies
  • Fish Stocking & Management
  • Fountains
  • Natural Pond Management
  • On-Site Consultation
  • Plant Surveys
  • Pond Construction
  • Sonar Mapping
  • Water Quality Analysis
  • Weed & Algae Control

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