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Aquatic Plants of the Upper Midwest – Comprehensive book by Paul Skawinski (some of his photos are featured on our plant guide) using over 350 color photographs to teach readers how to identify all of the true aquatic plants of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.  Magnified inset photos and detailed descriptions make identification easy and this book a “must-have”.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Center For Aquatic And Invasive Plants (University of Florida) – Search plants by common names, scientific names, and plant types.  Color photos with descriptions.

Lake and Pond Solutions Co. Plant Identification Guide – Search the guide we’ve compiled for common Wisconsin aquatic plant species.

Robert W. Freckmann Herbarium (UW-Stevens Point) – Color photos and descriptions of plants found in Wisconsin.

Through the Looking Glass – Field guide to aquatic plants in North America providing plant descriptions, drawings, similiar species, and habitat.

Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide – Search plants by common name.  Contains plant descriptions, color photos, and identifying characteristics.