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Algae & Weed Control
PRO Certified Steward of Water
Algae & Weed Control

Serving Wisconsin and N. Illinois including Appleton, Fond du Lac, Green Bay, Janesville, Madison, Milwaukee, Oshkosh, Rockford, Waupaca, Woodstock, and all surrounding communities.

Algae and weed control are vital tools in lake and pond management.  Proper product selection and concentrations will greatly influence success, and they need to be used responsibly.  There are many species of plants and algae, each requiring specific products and concentrations for proper control.

Lake and Pond Solutions, LLC is proudly a PRO Certified Stewards of Water company.  Our services for Wisconsin and Illinois lake and pond owners include a professional examination of the site by a degreed biologist to determine the type and extent of the problem vegetation. We work closely with government agency personnel and manufacturers to remain up-to-date on regulations and current technology. We obtain permits, apply the product, and provide follow-up visitations where necessary. Following each weed and/or algae treatment, customers will receive a treatment record highlighting products used, application rates, and use restrictions.

Before and After

Filamentous algae, water buttercup, coontail, and curly-leaf pondweed were choking out this pond. The pond owner had limited opportunities to fish, swim, and recreate.
Excessive Plants and Algae
20 days after treatment, recreation opportunities are restored.
20 days after treatment
Not long after ice-out, this pond suffered from heavy surface and subsurface filamentous algae reducing recreational opportunities.
Filamentous algae
14 days after treatment, recreation and aesthetics have been restored.
14 days after treatment
Watermeal growth had completely choked out this pond which looked more like a marsh.
Watermeal growth
14 days after treatment, aesthetics were restored as well as the potential to grow beneficial aquatic plants.
14 days after treatment
Cattails and other emergent plant growth can look great around a pond but it is important to maintain pond function and not allow unchecked growth. This selective cattail control was performed to limit spread and maintain flow.
Selective cattail control

State of Wisconsin Residents
Please note that before treatment may begin, pond and lake owners MUST have an approved DNR Aquatic Plant Control Permit or DATCP Fish Farm License. Also, as of 10/31/11, all treatments on waterbodies that have an overflow structure in which water can leave the property MUST have WPDES coverage through the Wisconsin DNR. Lake and Pond Solutions, LLC currently has statewide WPDES coverage for our customers. Please contact us for further help in attaining necessary permits or to schedule an on-site consultation.

State of Illinois Residents
Please note that as of 10/31/11, all treatments on waterbodies that have a potential overflow that leaves the property MUST have NPDES coverage through the Illinois EPA.  Lake and Pond Solutions, LLC currently has NPDES coverage for our customers. Additionally, waterbodies over 10 acres in size  should also use EcoCat to gain a decision letter.  Please contact us regarding any questions about this process or to schedule an on-site consultation.

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