Sonar Mapping

Sonar mapping provides real solutions for maintaining a comprehensive and historical look at your lake or pond.  Raw sonar data is uploaded to specialized software to produce bathymetric and relative sediment hardness maps.  Mapping the lake or pond over time can help determine areas of change, rates of sedimentation, monitor success of dredging projects, provide accurate volume calculations, and aid in management decision making.  Additionally, our sonar units have side-scan technology that captures underwater pictures of your lake or pond bottom.  This can be helpful in finding fish cribs, rock out-croppings, weed beds and more.  It is recommended that ponds be mapped every few years to identify any areas of change.  Lakes should be mapped every 5 years to coincide with Aquatic Plant Management (APM) Plan updates.

-  Provides a current, detailed, and highly accurate contour map
-  Accurate lake/pond volume for herbicide calculations
-  Sedimentation rates can be determined from multiple readings
-  Assists in determining a dredging timeline
-  Way to monitor success of dredging project
-  Maps can be imported to Google Earth

3D Sediment Hardness Map

-  Highlights potential areas of muck accumulation
-  Determine relative bottom hardness


Side Imaging


-  Locate underwater features like fish cribs, rock out-croppings or
brush piles
-  Map submerged plant beds


This is truly incredible technology that offers associations, districts, and individual pond owners valuable information at a reasonable price (ponds starting as low as $550 and lakes starting at $900).  Please feel free to contact us for a custom quote.

Testimonials more...

"This is the plus value we get from contracting with Lake and Pond Solutions Co..  Not just treatments but diagnostics too."
-Ron L. - HOA Member

Case Studies

Targeted Muck Reduction with Triton SRP (Sludge Reduction Pellets) - Study looking at the effect of targeted Triton SRP applications on a large stormwater pond in 2016.

*1st Place Award Winning Project*

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