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Since its discovery in Little Muskego Lake (Waukesha County) last fall, Starry Stonewort (Nitellopsis obtusa) has now been discovered in Big Muskego Lake (Waukesha County), Long Lake (Racine County), Silver Lake (Washington County), and Pike Lake (Washington County).  First identified in a Michigan lake in 2006, this invasive species spreads easily through fragmentation.  The dense mats formed by Starry Stonewort can reduce or eliminate beneficial native plant populations.  Additionally, the blanket-type beds this species is known to create, virtually eliminates spawning habitat.  Please use this link from the Citizen's Lake Monitoring Network to notify members of your Lake District and/or Association.  You can also read more about Starry Stonewort management in Michigan by checking out this article from Dr. Douglas Pullman and Gary Crawford.  Lake and Pond Solutions Co. intensively surveyed Long Lake in 2015 and is currently working under a WDNR Rapid Response Grant to undertake control methods.


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"We've been very pleased with your service and thought the pond, under some really difficult circumstances, stayed clear and weed free all year.  We are happy with our healthy pond and look forward to working with you next year."
-Don H. - Private Pond Owner

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