Environmental Studies

 Sediment core   Stream Assessment  Runoff

Services include examination of watershed areas for sources of erosion, nutrient loading or pollution and well monitoring (sampling/measurement).  We also provide lake and pond sampling where analysis of water quality, dissolved oxygen, and sediment will help determine a waterbody's problem(s).  LPS takes pride in working with you to solve your specific lake or pond challenges (see Water Quality Analysis).

Winter Dissolved Oxygen Profile
Checking depths and dissolved oxygen through the ice.


Testimonials more...

"We've been very pleased with your service and thought the pond, under some really difficult circumstances, stayed clear and weed free all year.  We are happy with our healthy pond and look forward to working with you next year."
-Don H. - Private Pond Owner

Case Studies

Targeted Muck Reduction with Triton SRP (Sludge Reduction Pellets) - Study looking at the effect of targeted Triton SRP applications on a large stormwater pond in 2016.

*1st Place Award Winning Project*

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