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Services include an assessment of DO concentrations and determination of aeration needs.  Proper sizing and placement of these systems is required to prevent fish kills and nutrient re-suspension, promote healthy fish populations, and improve water quality.  WE STRIVE TO PROVIDE CUSTOM AERATION SYSTEMS SPECIFIC FOR EACH POND. In addition to sales, we also install and service all types of systems.  Water movers are available, which reduce stagnation in shallow areas and provide open water around permanent piers or docks during winter months.

OVERVIEW Aeration is the addition of oxygen to water.  The greatest oxygen transfer occurs when the water contacts the surface, so proper mixing is important.  Fountains pump water into the air by way of a submerged pump.  While they are aesthetically pleasing, fountains are mainly surface aerators and will not be able to pull water from deeper sections of the pond.  Diffused aeration pumps air into the water to create a boiling effect and a properly sized system should be able to turn the volume of the pond multiple times per day.  We recommend fountain aeration where seeing and hearing water is a priority or for shallow ponds.  But in deeper ponds, the most efficient means of enhancing water quality is diffused air aeration.

COMPONENTS                                                                                                                                                                     Rocking Piston Compressor
There are three main components to the aeration system: the compressor, diffuser, and air line.  A rocking piston compressor is most often used and provides good volume and high pressure.  They are also quieter and much more efficient than the rotary vane alternatives, drawing only 1.7 - 4.5 amps (at 115V).


DiffuserThe diffuser is the single most important element of your system.  Through years of field work, we've found a membrane style diffuser which provides great turnover rates.  The non-stick coated membrane resists hard-water deposits and ultimately reduces the costs associated with cleaning.


Self-Sinking Air LineAir hose consists of 3/8 or 5/8 inch inside diameter tubing made from a self-sinking rubber material.  These lines will not float to the surface like the cheaper poly counterparts.  A seperate air line is run from each diffuser to the compressor manifold.


Aeration CabinetAll aeration systems are housed in our custom lockable cabinets made from 100% recycled plastic.  Cabinets come standard with a mounting pad and cooling fan.  We now offer deluxe green powder coated steel cabinets complete with cooling fan, oulets, and even sound proofing.




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"This is the plus value we get from contracting with Lake and Pond Solutions Co..  Not just treatments but diagnostics too."
-Ron L. - HOA Member

Case Studies

Targeted Muck Reduction with Triton SRP (Sludge Reduction Pellets) - Study looking at the effect of targeted Triton SRP applications on a large stormwater pond in 2016.

*1st Place Award Winning Project*

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