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"Our realtor advised us that one reason our property was purchased was because of the pond.  We have very much enjoyed working with you.  Your efforts provided many hours of great fun and added to our knowledge base related to nature."
-Mike C. - Private Pond Owner

"I thought that our pond, under some really difficult conditions, looked great and stayed weed free all season"
-Don H. - Private Pond Owner

"In ten years the marina has never looked better and the treatment was a huge success.  Thanks for being a successful part of our boating season."
-Dennis H. - Marina Board Member

"Everyone, and I mean everyone, is just delighted with the weed situation. Our harvesting budget is way under because there is hardly any EWM left. Lake and Pond Solutions is a first class operation. Thanks for your good work."
-Bill W. - Lake Association President

"There are lots of people who sell us stuff, rent us stuff, or perform stuff for us.  It is VERY refreshing for a company like Lake and Pond Solutions to do the stuff they say they're going to, WHEN they say they're going to do it, and for THE PRICE they said they'd do the stuff for.  You are a good company, have good people, and have much to be proud of."
-Chuck B. - Country Club Superintendent

"My pond needs to look great at all times. I am so pleased that you provide complete pond management. Thanks a lot for providing such a great service."
-Lowell B. - Commercial Pond Owner

"Honesty and knowledge of your job is why I chose Lake and Pond Solutions last year."
-Tom H. - Lake Association Board Member

"My aerator is awesome! If you ever want to refer anyone to me, I'd be happy to tell them how great this system is!"
-Jim D. - Private Pond Owner

"Thank you for your hard work. We had many compliments on the pond the past year and we owe it all to you."
-Gary F. - Home Owners Association Member

"Just wanted to thank you for letting me follow you during your plant survey. It's great to see some of the positive results from your work!"
-Paul N. - Lake Resident

"YOU ARE OUR HERO!!! The lake is beautiful again! (You should have seen it last year!) I really need to send in a testimonial for your website - on what a fantastic job you did for us!"
-Linda J. - Lake Association President

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"This is the plus value we get from contracting with Lake and Pond Solutions Co..  Not just treatments but diagnostics too."
-Ron L. - HOA Member

Case Studies

Targeted Muck Reduction with Triton SRP (Sludge Reduction Pellets) - Study looking at the effect of targeted Triton SRP applications on a large stormwater pond in 2016.

*1st Place Award Winning Project*

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